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Gift Suggestr’s mission is to provide the best unique and personalized gift ideas for every occasion, recipient and interest.

Awesome Gift Ideas

Want to buy a great gift but need some ideas? Whether you are buying for a music lover, your Mom’s Christmas gift or for a Dad who “wants nothing”, Gift Suggestr is your ultimate guide. Save Time by Filtering Through Gifts Using our Gift Finder tool, you can narrow down our list of 12,000+ awesome gift ideas by gender, age and interest. In addition, each gift list can be sorted by likes, price and newness: Collect the Best Gift Ideas Each gift has a save button next to it: To use our Saved Gifts feature, you must first create an account and then login. Each gift that you save while logged in is kept for later on your Saved Gifts page. How do you find the gifts? Each one of the 12,000+ gifts was hand picked by one of the Gift Suggestr team members. 1) First we come up with new gift recipient. For example, “guitar players”. 2) Next we brainstorm a list of ideas that would make great gifts for that person: clip-on tuner, headphones, pick punch, etc. 3) Lastly, we find the highest rated, best value product on Amazon that fits each particular gift idea and publish them to the site. Check out quick small loans online for financial advice

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Have a great gift idea that you think should be added to a list? Send it to us here. Check out our latest gift idea lists here. Happy Gift Hunting! – Gift Suggestr Team